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Suika Game io game was added October 30, 2023 at our site and since then have been played 2.11K times.

What is it all about:

Play fun new viral The Suika Watermelon online game in browser and match fruits to make them bigger and gain points. This addictive new game is combination of 2048 and tetris that gain popularity on Switch.
Players must drop and stack various fruits into a box, one by one. The physics comes into play here, making the fruits roll and shift as they are dropped or when they merge with others.
When two identical fruits come into contact, they merge into a larger fruit at the point of contact, creating a chain reaction of merging.
The Watermelon, being the largest fruit, not only awards the most points but also consumes a significant portion of the container.

Game Controls:

Game is played only with mouse.


2.11K Plays

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